user levels & reputation

To help increase user/post integrity we've adopted a few simple posting rules and a reputation quality system which may be found below.

posting tolerances

  1. You may only like/dislike something once
  2. You may only post one bin price per player per hour
  3. You may only post one link per player per hour

user levels

level points req. restrictions # squads
bronze less than 50 (beginner)
  • can only post with-in 25% of the best price value
silver 50+ 3
gold 100+ 5
elite 250+ unlimited

point reputation system

  • You receive +1 point for everything you like/dislike
  • You receive +2 points for every bin price or link you post
  • You receive +5 points for every like on your post by another user
  • You receive -5 points for every dislike on your post by another user

sharing bin prices

After you create an account you are free to start posting and logging bin prices online which will be shared with other users. If you do happen to post a bin price, please post the lowest 'BUY-IT-NOW' (bin) price found on the market for that particular player/variant card. Please do not post any bid prices.

You may notice that if you post a bin price amount which has been already been posted by another user for the same player, it will be added to that bin prices overall (best) ranking. The higher best ranking a bin price has the higher the possibility it will be shown as the best current price. If you think you made a mistake you are able to delete your post by clicking the "" icon next to your post.

NOTE: Please keep your posts honest and as accurate/relevant as possible. Users who spam, troll, or otherwise abuse the system or t.o.s. risk being be banned from the website by the staff. We do our best to control the quality of content posted on our site by other users, but if you see a user who may be abusing the system, please let us know immediately. Thank you for understanding.